Food Dehydrator Comparison Tables

To make our picks for the best food dehydrator models for outdoor adventures, we read multiple professional reviews from Wirecutter, Spruce Eats, and Foodal. We also read hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon and Google. After interviewing backcountry chefs, we made our top 3 picks.

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Style / warranty / watts / element location / temperature range

The table below summarizes the style, warranty, watts, element location, and temperature range of our top picks for food dehydrators.


shape / size / trays / expansion capacity / fan / timer

Sort the table below if you’re looking for a specific food dehydrator set up.


Recommendations / reviews / notes

Recommendations and reviews of our top picks are shown below.

Foodal most recommended, Amazon's Choice, Spruce Eats #1, Best Reviews best of the best, 4.5/5 on GooglePeople like that the drawer type allows for easy chiecking on drying progress without having to unstack.3=3rd gen, 9=9 trays, 26T=26 hour timer, last letter is color. Otherwise, they are similar within the series. Prices increase with tray #, and whether it has a timer or not.
Amazon #1 "best seller" and #1 "most wished for", Best Reviews "best bang for the buck", my personal favoritePeople report it heats/dries evenly for a stacking model.Again, the numbering is 7=7th series, 5=number of trays. All the snackmaster pros within a series are comparable. Newer models are digital and more money.
Foodal top 8, AmazonThis model is tried and true.The 1040 model is digital with a timer; the 1010 is not digital and is $20 cheaper


Food dehydrator minimum / maximum temperature comparison chart

For those who prefer a visual presentation of data, below we compare the minimum and maximum temperatures (Fahrenheit) of our top picks for food dehydrators .

A minimum and maximum temperature comparison chart of our top picks for food dehydrators.

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Food Dehydrator size comparison chart

A visual comparison of the square footage of our top picks for food dehydrators.

A square footage comparison chart of our top picks for food dehydrators.

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excluded Food dehydrators

Some of the food dehydrators we reviewed were excluded. See the table below for a summary.

L'Equip 528Amazon reviews not as positive as other models
Aroma Housewares ProfessionalUnderpowered motor
STX International Dehydra 1200Expensive
Neso FD-80More compact than our budget pick, but costs more with little additional drying space
Nesco FD-1018Lacks digital thermometer
Presto Dehydro 06300Bottom element; no adjustable thermostat
Samson SilentReviews say it is somewhat hard to use and clean
Cuisinart DHR-20Bottom element; loud