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We researched the top hiking shoes on the market and narrowed our list to the top ten hiking shoes for men and women. After talking with experts, we set forth criteria to establish the best hiking shoes. Then we tested each pair on trails on mountains, the beach, and in temperate rainforests in British Columbia. Below is a table of the pros and cons we found of each pair we tested.

We also reference when a respected review site has recommended a model we liked and encourage you to further inform yourself about our preferred models by reading the best reviews we found available from: Switchback Travel, Outdoor Gear Lab, Outside Online, Clever Hiker, GearWeAre, Adventure Junkies, Gear Institute, Section Hiker and Backpacker.


We condensed the review down to pros, cons, and notable reviews for easy reference.

Best stability, support, durability of shoes we testedPriceGear Institute
Good balance of comfort, support, price, and nimbleness; aggressive lugs; comfortable out of the boxLacing system is polarizing; not as durable as leather shoesNumerous for the slightly newer version
Affordable; often on sale; available in the most styles: mesh/wide/waterproof/GoreTex; comfortable out of the boxCan feel clunky and less nimble than other shoes; traction1000+ positive reviews on Amazon, the most of any shoe; Switchback Travel; Clever Hiker
Stability, support, lightweightWaterproof version absorbs water; not as sturdy as other modelsOutdoor Gear Lab
Good for wide feet; stylishNot as form fitting as other shoesSwitchback Travel
Excellent grip; most trail feel of any shoe; repels dirt and waterLaces are too long; sole is thin; limited stabilityNone
Excellent traction; waterproof system that works and is breathableFeels heavyGear Institute
Sporty and stylish; athletic feelLaces are polarizing; sole lacks stiffnessOutdoor Gear Lab
Cushioned while still offering stabilityLeast trail feel of any shoeOutdoor Gear Lab
Excellent breathabilityDurability; not as comfortable as other shoesNone


There’s quite a range in price, fit, and warranty. To research sizing, we used data from the Fit Sizing function at data Zappos.com because they have the biggest data source for customer-based reporting on fit. We provide these details so you don’t have to go hunting for them.

$180 True to size1 year
$145 Slightly small2 years
$120 Slightly smallLimited lifetime
$120 Slighly large1 year
$135 True to size1 year
$199 Full size small2 years
$110 True to size1 year
$135 True to size6 months
$160 Slightly large45 days
$150 Slightly large1 year

hiking shoes materials

Only like shoes with classic lacing? Prefer a certain kind of sole? The stickiness rating is based on our own measure of how the shoes performed during hiking. However, user beware: oftentimes, there’s a trade-off between stickiness and durability. Sort the table below to see which shoes fit your needs.

Gore-Tex SurroundTPU HarnessVibram Nano rubber♦♦♦
M Select DRY (Gore-Tex also available)Classic lace upVibram TC5+
Gore-TexClassic lace upVibram rubber
KEEN.DryClassic lace upKeen all-terrain rubber♦♦♦
Gore-TexQuicklaceMichelin outdoor compound rubber♦♦
N/AClassic lace upSawtooth rubber♦♦
Gore-TexDrawcord laceContinental Traxion rubber♦♦
eVentClassic lace upVibram MegaGrip rubber♦♦
Gore-TexClassic lace upVibram Contact Grip with Megagrip♦♦

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