How to Choose a Backpacking Backpack

Here’s what to consider when buying a backpack, how to find the best backpack for you, how to fit a backpack, how to pack your backpack, and tips on keeping gear dry. Whether you need a backpack for an overnighter, a week long adventure, or a months long Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian Trail “thru” hike, the same principles apply.  The backpack should be able to comfortably carry everything you need for the backcountry.

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How to Pick a Rain Jacket

We researched the best rain jackets for hiking, travel, and commuting. After reviewing 14 professional review sites, we found 49 popular rain jackets. From there, we found the six best breathable or lightweight rain jackets.

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Amanda Jameson
How to Pick a Touring Bike

A touring bike is specifically designed to comfortably carry you and your gear on long distance journeys (but can double as a commuter bike when you’re back at home).  We analyzed over a dozen professional reviews, drawing on our own personal experience, and consulted with long-time bike tourers and a bike mechanic to help you find what are make-or-break criteria for a good touring bike (that can double as a commuter bike, too).

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Mike Unger
How to Pick Headlamps

Based on research and our experience we compiled a list of the 5 best headlamps for backpacking and trail running. Here we describe the research we used for our list of the 5 best headlamps. We aggregate gear reviews so you can save time and make an informed choice on buying headlamps.

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Liz Thomasheadlamps, head lamps