How Our Model Works

We have a favor to ask. REI has upped our commission through Tuesday 4/16. If there’s something you want that wasn’t eligible for the REI Member discount (like anything with GPS, like the inReach Mini or GPS watches), it’ll help us if you get it via a Treeline Link today. It’ll help Treeline Review a ton and won’t cost you anything extra. (Read more below as we lift the veil on how we keep the website going!)


Thank you for your support and may you have great adventures!

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Treeline Review is 100% Reader-Supported. You are what inspires us to keep creating high-quality comprehensive reviews of gears. But ever wonder how model works? We’re gonna lift the veil on how we keep the Treeline website running.


We don’t sell ads. Instead, if you read a story and take our gear recommendation seriously enough to buy something from one of our links, some (but not all) retailers will give us a small commission. This is at no additional cost to you. It’s literally the same price to you.


Our tenet is never to push you towards gear. We’re not pushy used cars salespeople. We’re outdoors people talking to our friends about what we’ve seen out there that’s worthy of your time and money. We’ll tell you the good and bad.


We analyze and aggregate outdoor reviews to bring you the information you need to make informed gear decisions.

We are professional outdoor writers who report on what gear reviewers find.


Our Mission

Anyone who has ever gone on a gear-research binge knows accumulating, reading, and making decisions based on gear reviews can take hours.

Treeline Review saves readers time by writing our guide and basing our findings on the aggregated review process.

Treeline Review’s recommendations are not picked on the whims of our researchers, but on the consensus of hundreds of reviewers.
— Liz Thomas, Editor in Chief







What's an aggregated review?

We believe readers should be able to easily access and assess the multitude of information that is already available on the internet.

Our reporters analyze dozens of outdoor review sites and hundreds of customer reviews.

Treeline Review’s mission is to provide transparent, objective, journalistic meta-reviews for outdoor items.

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