Wireless Headphone & Earbud Comparison Tables


We researched reviews on Wireless Earbuds in Android Central. Android Guys, CNET, Digital Trends, Endgadget, Forbes, Gizmodo, iMore, PCmag, Runners World, Sound Guys, Soundwhiz, Tech Radar, The Verge, Wirecutter, Wired, and ZDNet, then aggregated and analyzed them for criteria important to outdoors people--features like waterproofness, battery life, ruggedness in a range of scenarios and the quality of sound. The tables below summarize our research.

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category / notable reviews / pros / cons

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Best OverallSoundguysGreat sound; customizable fitCost; Proprietary charging system
Upgrade PickEndgadgetExceptional battery life; Braided cord; Personalized EQCost; Proprietary charging system
Truly WirelessGizmodoTruly wireless HearThrough technologyExpensive
Mid PriceSoundguysGreat sound; Nearly all the features of the X4 for $30 lessShorter battery life compared to the X4; No carrying case; Fewer fit options
BudgetAndroidguysExcellent value; Decent sound; Good battery lifeOnly sweat proof, not water proof; Does not have a battery indicator (just a low battery warning)
Most DurableWirecutterRugged; Water and sweat proof; Earbuds allow ambient noiseNot the best sound
Over EarWiredComfortable; 20 hr playbackNot as waterproof as the earbud options; Headphones may slip during vigorous activities.
Situational AwarenessCNETDurable; Comfortable to wear; Maximum situational awarenessSound quality

EARBUD type / battery life / warranty / weight / ipx rating

Type of earbud, battery life, warranty, weight, and IPX rating are shown below.

Best Overall$129 In ear81 year0.57
Upgrade Pick$160 In ear143 years0.77
Truly Wireless$190 Truly wireless51 year0.55
Mid Price$100 In ear61 year0.57
Budget$28 In ear82 years0.54
Most Durable$100 In ear71 year17
Over Ear$99 Over the ear202 years6.34
Situational Awareness$130 Bone conduction62 years1.15

battery life comparison

For those of us who prefer visual data presentations, following is a battery comparison chart.

A chart displaying the battery life of our top wireless earbud picks.

Weight Comparison chart

If weight is a top concern for you, this chart should help you decide.

A chart displaying a comparison of the weight of our top wireless earbud picks.